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 January 11, 2015
 February 2015
 March 22, 2015
 May 21, 2015
Launched of the new Official RHR Logo: Rebranding
New website has been launched (www.rightharvest.com)
Right Harvest at DZIQ and Copacabana Hotel introducing and Promoting Perfect Blend Coffee and Chia seeds
Right Harvest joins San Francisco High School Brigada Eskwela 2015


September 2, 2014
November 12, 2014
December 21, 2014
Right Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration on its 6th Anniversary

Right Harvest & Resources International Inc. has moved to its new location at 15 Road 5 Pag-asa, Quezon City

Sponsorship of the Annual Charitable Event “Mula Sayo… Ang Pasko ko” (Be my Christmas) held at Quezon City Memorial Circle
Road 5 Bagong Pag-asa Quezon City


July 12, 2013
August 4, 2013
September 1, 2013
October 20, 2013
November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving and Special Presentation for the new adopted Product “The IC Green Oil Enhancer”

 Showcase of Right Harvest products on the TABA Congress ’13 FIT Philippines - Ultimate Lifestyle & Weight Management Expo at the World Trade Center
 Right Harvest 5th Anniversary and Thanksgiving celebration

Sponsorship of “Takbo ni Kiko para sa kinabukasan” (Fun run initiated by SFHSQCAAI at VMMC)

Right Harvest on (PTV 4 – GBM: Good Morning Bossing

Watch the interview of Ms Teresita Tan at PTV4-Good Morning Boss last November 15, 2013.


January 21, 2012
March 3, 2012
April 15, 2012
August 31, 2012
October 25, 2012
December 23, 2012
Special Product Presentation held in West City Plaza Office
Right Harvest featured in PTV 4 "Kita Mo Na? Galing Ng Pinoy!”
Showcase of Right Harvest’s Products at the Nueva Ecija Muscle Showdown 2012
Right Harvest Sponsored Women's Journal Ms. Cover Girl 2012
September 1, 2012 - Right Harvest Family Celebrated its 4th Anniversary

 - Famas Sponsors: Right Harvest and EDMARK at DZRB program “Bad Talk”

Right Harvest joins the Philippine Journalist, Inc. in celebrating their 40th Anniversary

Right Harvest sponsored the Annual Charitable Event “Mula Sayo… Ang Pasko ko” (Be my Christmas) held at Quezon City Memorial Circle

PTV 4's 'Kita mo na? Galing ng Pinoy' features Teresita A. Tan, founder and CEO of Right Harvest & Resources International Inc., as she discusses the founding principles of the company, its beauty and wellness products, and the financial opportunities it offers.

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October 21, 2011
November 10, 2011
December 10, 2011
December 15, 2011
RHR attended the Journal Group Publication Anniversary
At Malacañang Palace, for FAMAS Oath Taking
At Famas Awards Night
Right Harvest guests at Liga ng mga Broadcasters ng Pilipinas Forum

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September 1, 2011
September 11,2011
September 13, 2011
September 23, 2011
October 14, 2011
October 16, 2011
   Celebration of Right Harvest's 3rd Anniversary 

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Product Presentation at Ms. Alice Reyes House

Article “Reaping a harvest of health products” was published in Philippine Star - written by Ms. Alice Reyes

Right Harvest co facilitates the Global Warming Seminar held at Rotary Club

RHR attended the launching of Pigeon Racing in QC Hall RHR attended the launching of Pigeon Racing in QC Hall

Sponsorship of 1st Stay Fit Bodybuilding

Reaping a Harvest of Health Products

By Alice H. Reyes (The Philippine Star)

Spreading the word on health: The mustard seed planted by Teresita Tan, CEO of Right Harvest and Resources International, Inc., has fallen on good ground. The star of Right Harvest’s products is the Chia seed, considered nature’s perfect food.

MANILA, Philippines - Before Teresita Alacar Tan, an architect by education and profession, entered into entrepreneurship, she pondered on what her mission in life could be. Growing up, she was motivated by her desire to help her family and people in need.

Verse 2 of the Third Epistle of St. John inspired her to find a vehicle or a channel of blessings to reach her goal. It stated: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth.”

That vehicle was Right Harvest and Resources International, Inc., of which she is now chairman and chief executive officer. With her husband Philip Tan, friend Ricky Carullo and her three daughters, Tess, who insists that she is just a caretaker, a steward of a higher power, started to spread the word and to market a variety of health products that initially targeted senior citizens, the impoverished, and the malnourished not only to help cure illnesses and promote good health but also to provide members with a source of income. Today, body builders, children, and pregnant women are beneficiaries of Right Harvest products.

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Jan 27 - 30, 2011
February 11, 2011
March 1, 2011
April 16, 2011
July 14, 2011
August 24, 2011
August 30, 2011

Corporate Planning held in Bacolod, Negros Occidental

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Right Harvest became a livelihood partner of Rotary Club - Mabuhay Rotonda Chapter

Introduction of Beauty Cocoons

Launching of Edukasyon sa Ensayo

Introduction of Chia Seeds and Perfect Blend Coffee at PDEA office of ASEC Carlos Gadapan

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MOU signing with FAMAS for FAMAS Resource Center

MOU signing product endorser - Dwan Abantao


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FAMAS Resource Center - Right Harvest & FAMAS for Health, Wellness and Financial opportunity.


September 1, 2010 (1/2)
September 1, 2010 (2/2)
   December 5, 2010
December 19, 2010

Introduction of Chia Seeds as one of the banner products

Launching of Diamond Marketing Program

Right Harvest's sponsorship of Battle of the Brawn II in Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City

Right Harvest's sponsorship of the 1st Mr. Splash Island 2010 Body Building Competition as part of promoting its Banner product "Chia Seeds"

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September 1, 2009
Right Harvest's 1st Anniversary & Launching of Stellarlite Privelege Card


August 8, 2008
August 22, 2008
September 1, 2008
October 15, 2008
The Founding of Right Harvest

Incorporation was approved by SEC

Right Harvest Office in West City Plaza has officially opened

First official website of Right Harvest (rightharvest.com.ph) was launched. Birth of the Premium Marketing program
3/F West City Plaza Building, #66 West Avenue, Quezon City Philippines